Here’s a question for dog owners! What do your dogs think about through the day? Yes you got it – food is what they spend their day thinking about, and when they have finished one bowl of food, they start thinking about the next bowl of their favourite food. Dogs love to eat and we have got the perfect bowl for your dog’s favourite food.

Behold our most special product, the Grubbs Up Raised Dog Bowls, which your beloved pet will just love. Our Grubbs Up Dog Bowls is set on a non skid stand at just the right height for your dog to really enjoy his meal. Research has shown that eating with the right posture, without having to stoop down to the bowl, your dog will be more relaxed whilst eating, will be able to chew and swallow the food without straining to do so, thereby aiding digestion. Our non skid stand will eliminate your dog’s frustration of the bowl sliding around while trying to enjoy the meal.

Elevating the bowl off the ground means the bowl stays cleaner and in better condition for longer. It will also keep crawling insects out of the dog bowl if your dog does not immediately finish the meal, although it is not good to leave the food in the bowl through the day as it will attract flies.

Made for dogs of any age, the Grubbs Up Raised Dog Bowls are especially supportive of older dogs who are suffering from aching joints and arthritis. Set at the right height your arthritic dog will begin to enjoy his/her meal again without the pain of having to stoop down to his/her bowl.

What’s more our Grubbs Up range of Dog Bowls come in set of two bowls on the stand, one for food and the other for water. Your dog will certainly be happy to have water right on hand, or should I say paw, whilst eating his/her food. Your dog will find it much easier to drink and swallow water, particularly when very thirsty after a long walk.

Yes our Grubbs Up Raised Dog Bowls will make your dog a very happy dog at meal times.

Grubbs Up Dog Bowls come in three heights suitable for Small, Medium and Large Dogs. The frames come in four colours Black, Red, Blue and White, however custom built ones can be made with various sizes and colours, including painted patterns.